Monday, February 14, 2011

Medical Mission Trip Update

Well, the week is over. It was once again an amazing experience! To read all about it, go to .

I am now spending the rest of the month in Thailand at the Bethlehem Gospel Center with Stephen & Mary. I will leave Chiang Mai on March 4th & be back in the states on March 5th.

I am using this time to further build my relationship with Stephen, Mary, & their family, & with Stephen's ministry, Asians for Christ. I am also trying to learn more about the culture, living in Thailand, & the language! Tim Doggett & David Upchurch, the Executive Director & President of the Board of ACMI, are here this week to also build a relationship with Stephen, to learn about his ministry here, & to help me work out some of the details of my moving here long-term.

We spent all of today discussing missions in general, Stephen's ministry, ACMI, my ministry here, God's purpose in all of this, & how all of this can come together & work together. It was a great day of learning & growing together!

We will be going to a couple villages outside of Chiang Mai Tuesday & Wednesday. I won't have internet access then, so check back in a couple days :)

Serving Him,

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