Friday, February 4, 2011

Almost There...

We are now sitting in the airport in Seoul, Korea! The longest part of the trip, the 14 hour flight from Chicago to Seoul went well! There were lots of movies, TV shows, & games to keep us occupied! And, of course, great hospitality & service! I was only able to sleep about an hour on the flight, so with the 2.5 hours I slept before we left, I've had a total of 3.5 hours of sleep since I woke up Wednesday morning! I thought for sure I would finally be able to sleep on the flight, but that didn't happen. When we get to Chiang Mai it will be 10:30pm there, so we should be able to go to bed then. I'm SO looking forward to that!

Thanks so much for all your prayers! We have had no trouble at all so far!

Check back here & at for more updates during the week!

Serving Him,

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