Thursday, March 8, 2012

My New Place

A big thing happened here in Thailand last week...well, big for me...I moved into my own apartment!

I love it! It's within walking distance to my school & many different shops & restaurants. I love being able to get out whenever I need or want to & use the language that I'm learning.

Cheryl, ACMI's Office Manager, was here visiting last week, so she was able to help me move & shop for some house stuff. I am SO glad everything worked out & I was able to move while she was here! We had fun! :)

I'll give you a tour of my new place in pictures:

Don't mind the messy hair or tired look...
This was after we'd just returned from a trip to the village & then moved & unpacked everything!

My front door & little courtyard
(It's my laundry day...hence the clothes drying on the right)

The lady who lived here before me left a few plants in the courtyard
I hope I don't kill them!

One half of the living room...

...the other half of the living room.

One half of my bedroom...

...the other half of my bedroom.

Thai style kitchen

That's the end of your tour.

Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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