Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Day Full of Gifts

I want to start teaching the kids in English class about sentences. We've learned quite a bit of vocabulary words that I think they should have a good base to start learning how to make sentences. In preparation for this, I thought a week of review would be good...and what better way to review than with games! We played hangman and pictionary. The kids hadn't heard of either game, so explaining it so that they understood was a challenge in itself. They had it figured out, though, after the first "example" game. I think I finally found something that will hold the attention of the older kids & younger kids & that both age groups can learn from!

They were really concentrating during the first real game...

They were looking through all of their notes from class trying to figure out which word they were supposed to be guessing!

Even the little kids got in on the action & loved it!

 By the end of class, they were REALLY getting into it...standing, running around, & yelling! :)

It was such a gift to just stand back and watch them use what they had learned and have SO much fun at the same time.

Another gift was that they are finally opening up to me. Rarely have they asked me directly a question & if they did, they were very shy about it. Today, they were very open!

And then...

After class, we were sitting around the table having snack, when Mary came in with a Lisu picture book of many Bible stories. Up until now, I've been trying to figure out when & how to introduce & incorporate Bible stories & lessons in class in a way that the kids will understand & in a way that, when their parents find out, they won't keep their kids from coming back to class.

After today, I no longer need to worry about that.

As we were sitting around the table, Mary began sharing Bible stories with the kids using a Lisu picture book. 

My first thought, as the sinful human that I am, was "This is what I'm supposed to be doing." I wanted to be the person to share the Gospel with them...that is, afterall, why I'm here. In the next moment, I realized, it doesn't matter who shares the Gospel with them, but that they hear it at all.

And, Oh!, the looks on their faces as they heard of His love for the first time...

I feel like God was giving me a gift in not being the one who told them these stories first because I could watch their faces as they heard of Him for the first time!
(It still takes my breath away as I'm writing to you now...)

And this little boy... 
It was his first time attending class. He was so enthralled in the stories & asked so many questions. Truly amazing!

Yes, today was a day full of gifts for us all from Him.


  1. Wonderful! You are in our prayers as you work with these sweet kiddos. I am glad you came to such a realization today and that God in turn blessed you with watching their little faces! Whether you are the one to tell them of God's great love for them or not, you are a living testimony, a beautiful example to them every day. Don't dare discount that Alicia!

  2. So good to hear from you Alicia! You are doing great work. Take care!

  3. Takes my breath away too. Such wonder, such awe. And make no mistake God used you in the whole process and will continue to use you. You are doing a fantastic job with these kids. Love you so much and am so proud!

  4. Alicia. Through God you are amazlng. Love you to pieces.