Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Breakthrough of sorts...

This past Saturday's English class was the first class that:
  • all ten kids attended at the same time!
  • the kids opened up & yelled the words they were learning & seemed to be having fun!
  • I felt like I actually did something right & that the kids left knowing more English than when they came in!  
This has definitely been an area where I've grown personally. Jumping in to this area of ministry right away has forced me to fully depend on God. As I've mentioned before, it's the area that I'm the least prepared for & the most apprehensive about. Besides the fact that I can't communicate with these kids without someone to interpret, I don't know what English they already know, & their ages range from 4 to 11, which makes it difficult to keep everyone on track.

In the first 4 classes, we covered ABC's, numbers & counting, greeting, colors, and food. We started the 5th class this past Saturday with a review of everything. I think it helped because everyone had missed one class or another.

After reviewing, we took a break & the kids played a game. It was like duck, duck, goose, but with a towel.

After their game was finished, it was back to studying. We learned the names for different family members. This was really confusing for them, but I think was straightened out a little bit when we made family trees. This was the first time that I could find a hands-on activity and all of the materials for it to help learn the material we covered. I think it really helped, so I'm going to try to be a lot more creative with each class. (Prayers for creativity & materials would be much appreciated! :) )

(I'm also trying really hard to learn everyone's names. I wasn't very good with learning American names, so Thai names has been a struggle! I wrote them all down this week, phonetically, as I heard them.)

Aditep, Thun, Chaiwan, Vichai

Somboon, Waypahn, Kampahn

Hom Nuan, Suay

Everyone with their (mostly) finished Family Tree!
Next weekend, class will be on Sunday evening. It's normally on Saturday mornings, but the students are on a field trip all week & wanted to be able to come, so they asked if we could change class time. We're having a Christmas party! Please pray that it will be a fun time, but more importantly that the true meaning of Christmas will be well received.

Serving Him,

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