Monday, October 24, 2011

I Made It!

I'm currently sitting at my desk in my bedroom looking out my window at palm trees, rice fields, & mountains! Yes, I'm in Chiang Mai :)

My almost 36 hours of travel to get here went really well. All of my flights were smooth & I got all of my luggage when I landed!

Since I've been here (2.5 days now), I've been getting settled & adjusting to the time change & is hot & humid! I'm not doing too bad with the time change. I didn't sleep much while I was traveling, so I've been able to sleep at night since I've been here. I'm kind of tired today, which is why this post will be short & just the deep stuff in this one :)

Yesterday (Sunday), we went to church at The Gathering. It is an English-speaking church where a lot of missionaries go. It's held in a conference room in a mall. It was really great! Today, Mary, Becky, John, Isaac, & I went to another mall to get some things I needed. John has been talking about Big Macs since I've been here, so we ate at McDonald's for lunch - I haven't been here 3 days & I already had McDonald's! I was NOT missing it :)

That's about all I've done so far. This week I'm just going to be resting up & getting some things done before my work begins. I'll start language school, teaching an English class, & clinic around the first part of November.

Stay tuned for more updates :)

Serving Him,

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